Flight Information


Flight Date / Time Planned

Meet: Weds 29th July at 2pm

Ian's Mobile - 07590 575576
Ian's Email - ian.wilson@me.com

Weather is predictable 48 hours before
Flight to be confirmed 1-2 days prior

Departure Location

Chester Hawarden Airport

You are traveling to the "Business Centre" on Aviation Park at the airport.

After arriving you will first need to pass your details to the security guard who can also confirm directions on site to the correct building. 

Drive down to the building and park nearby. We will be there to greet you at the front of the "Business Centre".

Preparing For Your Flight

Wear comfortable clothes
Bring a camera
Have a light meal before
Use the bathroom before flight
Avoid high heels
Avoid large earrings
Ensure you read this page
Try to arrive on time

Safety Briefing

You will be flying in a Piper Seneca V (PA34-220T) light aircraft. It is a powerful turbocharged piston twin-engine aircraft, and can fly at 16,000 feet on a single engine safely.

You will initially need to go with the pilot to get an airside guest pass, and then be escorted to the aircraft. While airside, or in hangars, be careful where you walk and beware of objects around you to avoid accidents. It is also a good idea to put all portable devices in "airplane" mode at this point.

Your pilot will take you to the aircraft and help show you how the door works, and then get you seated and demonstrate the seat belt mechanisms. You will also need, once the engines start, to put a headset on so that you can communicate with other people in the aircraft though the intercom system.

Once your headset is on, please try to avoid speaking when radio calls are heard coming in, so that the pilot can hear them and respond. It is also best not to speak during the time of take off or making the approach to land, as your pilot will be very busy at that time.

While Flying it is perfectly okay to take pictures and talk on the intercom, remaining aware that the pilot needs to be able to hear and respond to any radio calls. If you see another aircraft, it is often helpful to point it out to the pilot, in case they are unaware of its presence.

If the pilot needs to concentrate then they can also place passengers on a separate intercom to avoid distraction.

Do be aware that the aircraft flight deck electronic equipment, in normal operation, does make some loud noises, beeps and tones. These are entirely normal, and not anything to worry about.

Prior to landing, the pilot will ask you to check your seat belt is tight, and this is also a good time to make sure the table, armrests, and seatbacks are upright, and all loose articles secured.

After landing, please leave your seat belts fastened until the aircraft is parked and engines are stopped. For your own safety, do not open the door or depart until your pilot advises you to do so. You will then be escorted back by your pilot.


Emergencies are rare, but it is always best, and a CAA requirement, to brief passengers on them.

At take off, if there is an abnormality, below 95 knots, the pilot will close the throttles, land back on the runway and firmly brake to a stop. Above 95 knots, the pilot will continue the take off, climb to a safe altitude, deal with the abnormality, and return to the airport to land.

For your awareness, there is a fire extinguisher placed under the co-pilot's seat, and a first aid kit in the rear of the aircraft.

In the event of an emergency in flight, sometimes you may be asked prior to landing to unlatch a door. This instruction is intended to unlock but NOT open the door, the pilot will have demonstrated this to you before flight.

If you are told to brace yourself, do so by placing your hands over the back of your head and leaning fully forward, while pushing your legs firmly to the edge of the seat.

Evacuation is best carried out by walking towards and past the rear of the aircraft to keep clear of the engines.

Audio Briefing

Pre-flight Briefing

Pre-landing Briefing

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